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Welcome to the space ‘In Proximity to the Arts’.

This online platform is a new shoot-off of the publication put together by our artist collective Borgerstraat Studios Rotterdam. As a parallel program to Art Rotterdam, we have been publishing each year since 2014 an annual booklet with photographs from contemporary visual art works accompanied by discursive texts.

For our 5th publication we decided to implement a new format. In addition to printed matters, we want to be present in the art discourse on the Internet as well. Our new website zooms in on societal everyday life in proximity to the arts. We have invited makers, producers, advisors, promoters and supporters of the arts to contribute texts that extend beyond their specific history of relationship to the arts.

Facing the current society-forming model based on competitive positioning with our practice as an inclusive and open-collaboration based collective, we are wishing for a broader field of perception, reading, reflection and discourse about the arts by focusing on its closest surroundings: the proximi (plural of proximus, latin for nearest, next, most direct, adjoining, following).

To start, we furnished this web-space with a ground floor. Please have a look and wander through the corridor, peek and discover the texts in the rooms behind the doors.

Enjoy your stroll.

On behalf of the Borgerstraat Publication Collective,
Kathrin Wolkowicz


Artists as decision- and publishing collective
parallel to Art Rotterdam
Publication No. 5 2018/2019

Heyer Thurnheer

Kathrin Wolkowicz

Dagmar Baumann

Graphic design
Elias Dörig

Niels Smits van Burgst
Ralph van Meijgaard

Dagmar Baumann
Danielle Adair

Katrien De Graeve
Patricia Pluijmers
Devon Reid
Gert Rietveld
Heleen Schröder

Borgerstraat Collective

texts and pictures:
the authors, unless
otherwise stated

The publication

The printed corresponding part of this 5th Borgerstraat publication is available at TENT, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Hans Walgenbach Books and Studios Borgerstraat 24, Rotterdam.

Printed copies

Printed by

Akzidenz Grotesk

Biotop Naturel


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…the writers
for the website

Liesbeth Babel
Marcus Bergner
Stefano Calligaro
Stijn Van Dorpe
Lotte van Geijn
Susana Pedrosa
Kamiel Verschuren
Eva Visser
Heyer Thurnheer
Sjoerd Westbroek
Lavinia Xausa
Markus Zimmermann

…the writers
of the reflections

Marco Aperti
Marijke Appelman
Dagmar Baumann
Hugo Bongers
Felix Dorer
Laurien Dumbar
Gritta Ewald
Milou van Ham
Maike Hemmers
Maria Ikonomopoulou
Frans van Lent
Gerwin Luijendijk
Astrid de Pauw
Devon Reid
Heleen Schröder
Eva Visser
Flora Woudstra

…the participating artists

Fatima Barznge
Dagmar Baumann
Mieke Borgdorff
Peter Dijkshoorn
Annelies de Greef
Sebastian Haquin
Barbara Helmer
Fenneke Hordijk
Aletta de Jong
Sigmund de Jong
Rei Kakiuchi
Johan Kleinjan
Lisa Kuglitsch
Wilma Kun
Marjan Laaper
Petra Laaper
Leendert van der Meer
Henriëtte Meijer
Ralph van Meijgaard
Julie Müller
Marc Müller
Astrid de Pauw
PQI (Patricia Qi)
Collette Rayner
Zsombor Sáli
Niels Smits van Burgst
Heyer Thurnheer
Peter Vianen
Kathrin Wolkowicz
Flora Valeska Woudstra